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A T-Shirt Is Not Just A T-Shirt For Some

Terms and Conditions


Standard turnaround time for most orders is 3-5 Business Days from the time of deposit and approval of your proof. This does not include ship time. Some types of prints may take longer, such as Full Color Process and Oversized prints. Please note we are not open for national holidays and these days will add to the turnaround time of your order. We do our best to keep our turnaround time as quick as possible and average around 4 working days. However, if you NEED your garments by a certain deadline let us know upfront prior to your order and we can see if it’s possible; rush fees would likely apply. Please Note: Ordering multiple designs at one time, adding inside tagging and/or specialty inks may add to our standard turn time.


Invoices are sent upon completion of the order. Payment is due in full within 7 business days of receipt of the invoice. Should payment not be received, on the 8th business day the credit card on file will be charged. We offer a 3% discount for payment made via cash or check.


All art should be submitted in vector format at full size and fully outlined/expanded. It is recommended that you send both art files and a proof file for verification.


All colors in a design will be matched to the closest in house stock ink color. Stock colors may have minor variances in shade from batch to batch. For exact color matches please request Pantone Matched colors. Pantone color matches are available for an additional fee.


It is the customer’s responsibility to provide details in regard to print placement and size. If no details are provided, Princredible will print in standard locations (ex: Chest Print, Print to start 2’’-3’’ inches below collar). Please keep in mind the scale of the print will vary on different sized garments and all items of an order will be printed with the same set of screens, unless a resize is ordered.


There is a human element involved in screen printing. As much as we try to automate there is still going to put someone constructing t-shirts by hand and loading them on the press by hand. Due to this we cannot be held liable for printing placements less than a 1/2” in variance. We do our best to load the shirts for optimal placement in accordance to the proof.


We cannot be held responsible for garment inconsistencies related to size, shade or construction. We suggest ordering extra garments to account for such defects.


Princredible will not be held responsible for spoilage due to inconsistencies in the print on up to 3% of the order total. In some cases extra garments will be included in an order. These are extras we supply in an attempt to keep spoilage percentages as low as possible. However, this can also mean a shortage of up to 3% on your order. PLEASE NOTE: If you have an event or exact quantities are needed you will need to either account for this spoilage or let us know in advance that the order needs to be exact. This can add to production time.


Printing over zippers and seams will never produce a ‘perfect’ print. Returns and reprints will not be issued for these services. You are welcome to schedule a “Press Check.”


Discharge and Water based prints work best on 100% cotton garments. Due to the inconsistent nature of discharge printing Princredible will not be liable for minor inconsistencies found in the print and will not issue refunds for this service. It is hard to create an exact Pantone match with Discharge, though we can get close. Also, there is more spoilage since some shirts won’t discharge out as well as others. If you prefer this method of printing either be open to a small percentage of variance or have extras ordered.


In the event that an order is cancelled by a customer the refund will be based on the status of the order. Depending order status the customer may have to pay a restocking fee or for the garments themselves. If the order is completed no refund will be issued.


At Princredible we stand behind our work. We do not offer refunds on any order, but will reprint the order to the correct specs if a mistake has been found. If upon receiving your order you find that something is incorrect, you must notify us within 72 hours of the delivery of your product. Once we are notified we will do everything we can to take care of any issues in a timely manner. If it is determined that you need to return products to Princredible for inspection or to be reprinted, the product must be returned within 2 business weeks of the stated claim. If you have contacted us to make a return and we have agreed to cover the shipping costs, all items must be shipped using ground ship methods from UPS or FedEx, any other methods of shipping (3 day ship, 2nd day air, next day air, next day saver) will not be covered. If items are returned after this timeframe, the shipment will be denied and the package will be sent back to you unless prior arrangements have been made.


A shirt has been in many forms before it reaches our shop. It starts as thread, which in itself has many variances of thickness, hand, and sheen. The thread is woven, which will greatly affect the weight, surface area, drape, stretch, and overall softness of the garment. These processes create a fabric that will move with you, form around your body, stretch with your movement. We reproduce artwork on this stretching, changing, bending, conforming canvas. The reality of this is that your prints may have some variance of placement up to 1/2”, or some very SLIGHT stretching of the design. This slight stretch of the art may be more apparent when printing large circles, large rectangles, or large perfect squares. It is nearly impossible to avoid, and it gets more impossible with large print areas. As always, we do our very very best every day to make your shirts look incredible!